Friday 15 June 2012

A Day Spent At The Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou

I have been meaning to go check out the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou with a friend of mine for ages now and finally the time came. I am a huge fan of the Four Seasons Group that if the group comes up in conversation, I try and encourage everyone to stay at a Four Seasons or even join them to work! It’s hard to explain but once you enter one of their hotels, it just feels like home to me.

Located in a tranquil setting, the hotel is nestled amongst the wetlands. Their d├ęcor as they quote 'blends centuries of Chinese tradition with chic designer style.’

We went to check out their spa and sat down for what could have been nearly 45 minutes just chatting. We didn’t have a massage that day but they have an extensive menu from fusion massages to lotus seed and crushed jade body scrub and even a salon. But what summed up the whole thing for us was a comment my friend made after we left. Her exact words were” It feels like we just had a massage” and to be honest it really did feel like it. We left there feeling happy and relaxed an experience that reminded me of when I use my Copa Cabbana products. 

Next, we went to the Lobby Lounge and decided to give their fondue a go, opting out on their mini buffet. Sitting outside overlooking their pool and garden area with the sun was just an added bonus. Overall the fondue was good but could have been even better, reason being the cheese wasn't melted enough which really is the whole point of a fondue in my opinion. But the smoked salmon with quail eggs, a touch of caviar and mini pancakes and the ceasar salad with poached egg and pancetta balanced the meal experience out and left us quite satisfied.

Overall, I definitely will be back here again as I said before there is just something about Four Seasons that always draws you back!

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